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How to Get a Personal Loan without a Salary Slip in India?

Published On Apr/16/2024

In India, the need for financial assistance can arise unexpectedly, whether for medical emergencies, home renovations, or educational expenses. However, traditional lending institutions often require applicants to provide a salary slip as proof of income, making it challenging for individuals without regular employment or fixed incomes to access personal loans. If you find yourself in this situation, don't despair. Here's a comprehensive guide to obtaining a personal loan without income proof.

Considerations Before you Apply for a Personal Loan without a salary slip

Credit Score importance

Regarding loan approvals, the role of a good credit score cannot be overstated. Lenders heavily rely on this score to gauge your creditworthiness, which reflects your borrowing history, repayment habits, and overall financial conduct. A healthy credit score significantly boosts the chances of your loan application being approved. It entails making timely bill payments, avoiding excessive outstanding debts, and maintaining a clean payment record. A favourable credit score can be a game-changer in your loan approval process.

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Collateral or Guarantor support

In cases where traditional proof of income is unavailable, some lenders may offer assistance by considering a guarantor or collateral. A reliable guarantor who can certify your refund capability can strengthen your application, giving the lender confidence in your ability to repay the loan even without salary slips.

Self-Employment Alternatives

For self-employed individuals who do not receive regular salary slips but run their businesses, it's imperative to demonstrate the financial stability of their ventures. Instead of conventional salary slips, official business financial statements can be utilized for this purpose. These documents provide insights into the business's financial health, including its profits, turnover, and overall performance. This ensures lenders that despite the absence of traditional proof of salary, there is a stable income stream to repay borrowed funds.

Documents to gather for a Non-salaried Individual

KYC Documents

KYC documents are crucial for verifying your identity, current residence, and date of birth. You may need an ID card like a driver's license or passport to establish your identity. For proof of address, documents such as recent utility bills (e.g., electricity or water bills) and documents displaying your date of birth, such as a birth certificate or passport, are typically required.

Proof of Residence or Work

Proof of residence or workplace involves demonstrating your living or working arrangements. It can be achieved by providing documents like utility bills (electricity, water, etc.) with your name and address. A rental agreement may suffice if you rent a property, while property ownership documents are required for homeowners.

Income Proof

Income proof can sometimes be challenging to provide through traditional salary slips. In such cases, alternative documents can be used to showcase your earnings. For example, bank statements can illustrate your regular financial transactions, detailing incoming and outgoing funds. For self-employed individuals or business owners, audited financial statements can serve as evidence of income.

Steps to apply for a Personal Loan with Aditya Birla Finance Ltd

Here's an elaboration on the steps to apply for a Personal Loans with Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.

Gather Essential Documents

Begin by collecting all the necessary documents required for the loan application process. These typically include proof of identity (such as a passport, an Aadhaar card, or a driving license), proof of address, and any other documents.

Access the Personal Loan Application Form

Visit Aditya Birla Finance Ltd's official website or their branch to access the Personal Loan application form. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and a compatible device to complete the form online.

Check Eligibility and Submit Form

Before completing the application form, it's essential to check your eligibility for the Personal Loan. Once you've confirmed your eligibility, proceed to complete the form accurately and completely. Double-check all the information provided before submitting the form to avoid any errors.

Check your eligibility through our Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Select Loan Amount and Tenure

During the application process, you'll need to specify the desired loan amount and tenure. Consider your financial needs, repayment capacity, and preferences while selecting these parameters.

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must meet certain age criteria to be eligible for the loan. The minimum age requirement for self-employed individuals is 28, whereas for doctors, it is 25. The upper age limit for both categories is set at 65.

Minimum Turnover

To qualify for the loan, applicants must meet a minimum turnover requirement. Non-professionals must have a turnover of at least Rs 40 lakh. In contrast, professionals, such as doctors, must have a turnover of Rs 15 lakh. Audited financial statements should support these turnover figures.

Minimum Profit After Tax

To be eligible for the loan, applicants need to demonstrate a minimum profit after tax. The minimum profit after tax for ownership firms or self-employed people is Rs 2 lakh. In contrast, for non-professionals, it is Rs 1 lakh. These figures should be based on audited financial records.

Business Stability

The stability of the applicant's business is also a crucial factor in loan eligibility. Self-employed people must have a business of at least 5 years. Doctors must have at least 3 years of experience in their current practice.


Securing a personal loan in India without a salary slip may present challenges, but it's not impossible. By exploring alternative income sources, providing alternative financial documents, considering collateral-backed loans, involving co-signers or guarantors, and leveraging digital lending platforms, you can increase your chances of loan approval and access to the funds you need. Conduct thorough research, compare loan offers, and choose reputable lenders to ensure a positive borrowing experience. With careful planning and preparation, you can confidently navigate the personal loan landscape in India and achieve your financial goals.